The best and the worst mattresses in regard to shoulder pain

Let ‘s talk about how the various styles of mattresses function in terms of shoulder pain management and side sleep compatibility. To learn about the introduction to mattress in a box, visit the

Memory foam

Thanks to their ability to adapt so well to the curves of your body, these beds are among the strongest mattresses to ease any discomfort. Foam also comes with a different variety of firmness and density, so you can basically find any setup that can offer the relief you seek. For petite and medium sleepers, foam mattresses perform well. In comparison, heavy people may sink too much and experience hot sleep, especially in softer foams.


Latex is a vulcanised rubber-tree sap, so it has a foamy structure as well. Yet latex is bouncier, unlike foams, which helps individuals with discomfort to move with less difficulty across the surface. Latex even helps well for discomfort for petite and average sleepers, and because of its density, it can also be ideal for large sleepers. Latex, however, does not always have sufficient protection for the edge and can feel too bouncy for others.


Hybrid beds incorporate foam or rubber springs. They can relieve discomfort very well, according to reports of mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain. The only condition here is that, above the coil base, there should be at least two comfort layers. The biggest issue with hybrid mattresses is that, whether sturdy or pocketed, the spring structure resists the load from your body and can cause discomfort instead of alleviating it. This is especially a concern with sleepers that are lightweight. On the opposite, big guys can be more relaxed on a hybrid bed because it won’t allow them to sink in. Yet again, this is tied to the amount of comfort layers in terms of cradling.


Unlike hybrids, conventional innerspring mattresses can give you only a few support layers or a pillow-top in some situations, but they can not fit well for people with shoulder pain. In addition, if you sleep on the foot, coils are likely to cause discomfort in the hip and shoulder regions, so they can aggravate the current symptoms. A waterbed is the perfect bed in terms of conforming and soothing. Air, independent of the sleeping location, adapts specifically to the body and can provide relaxation. However, waterbeds are difficult to manage and take up more room than the typical foundation mattress, so it’s not a popular choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you the difference, you know which mattress to select to get rid of your shoulder pain.

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